About Telephone

Telephone is one of the "Popufurs" AKA a popular fursuiter. Her character is a brown black and white angel dragon. She is legitimately mated to Radio. She has appeared multiple times on the show FurMedia hosted by SpaceBear Sparx and Poonya Wah. Her character has changed multiple times throughout her 4 years of suiting. Telephone is one of the most active fursuit performers within the fandom. According to the exact quote of SpaceBear Sparx: "And, she's even more down to earth out of suit than in suit!". Telephone usually attends larger conventions, but can sometimes be found at certain furmeets. She is a "squeaker" fursuiter. This mean she uses a squeaker to make noises and took the initial idea from Flux kangaroo.The noises she makes are usually bird chirps or long, vibrating, sounds.

Squeaking Sounds

Sounds made by telephone:

You can listen to the sounds made by telephone in this video


Furmedia is a show hosted by SpaceBear Sparx and Poonya Wah.

You can listen to FurMedia here: